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Winemaking Process

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Wine is a broken or unbroken fresh grape fruit or grape juice that has been fermented to obtain a beverage with an alcohol content of not less than 8.5°. It can be divided into red wine, white wine and pink wine by color.

According to experts, red wine has beauty and anti-aging functions, and it is derived from super-strong antioxidants in the wine. SOD can neutralize free radicals produced by the body, protect cells and organs from oxidation, and avoid spots and wrinkles. The skin is slack and the skin is restored to whitening luster. The red controllers kindly call it "a mask that can be drunk", so every year when the grapes are on the market, they are ready to brew their own red wines. Generally, for the brewery, the wines they make using the proprietary Brewery Equipment will be purer. 

Fermentation Tank

Fermentation Tank

Experts also say that red wine has another effect - to lose weight, and each liter of wine contains 525 calories, but this amount of heat is only 1 / 15 of the average daily calorie needs. After drinking, the wine can be directly absorbed and digested by the body and consumed in 4 hours without increasing weight. Therefore, people who regularly drink wine can not only supplement the water and nutrients that the body needs, but also help to lose weight. The word weight loss is definitely the goal pursued by most women, so now red wine can firmly occupy a place in the market.

Nowadays, it is the best time to harvest grapes in a year. Friends who love to drink wine may wish to learn to brew a wine and taste it. How fun it is.

Knowing the benefits of wine, how should you make wine? Next, the Brewery Equipment Factory will come to tell you.

1, go to the stem

That is, the grape fruit is removed from the comb-like branch. The stem contains a lot of tannic acid, which has an unpleasant taste in the wine.

2, pressed fruit

When making red wine, the grape skin and the grape meat are pressed at the same time. The red pigment contained in the red wine is released when the grape skin is pressed. Because of this, the color of all red wine is red.

3. Pressed grapes

After juicing, you can get the raw material of the wine - grape juice. High-quality grape juice is a prerequisite for the production of excellent wines, which are the result of fermentation of grape juice. After fermentation, the sugar contained in the grapes will gradually turn into alcohol and carbon dioxide. Therefore, during the fermentation process, the sugar content is less and less, and the alcohol content is getting higher and higher. Through the slow fermentation process, you can brew a delicate red wine.

4. Adding sulfur dioxide

In order to maintain the fruit's fruitiness and freshness, it is necessary to add sulfur dioxide immediately after the fermentation process. Sulfur dioxide prevents the oxidation caused by the oxygen in the air. The new wine is about 3 weeks after fermentation and must be precipitated and changed for the first time. The second precipitation takes 4 to 6 weeks. The order of precipitation and the order of time are exactly the tastes to be achieved.

The method of making wine with Lectra is to use a bag of Lectra yellow wine or Lectra, and add 40 kg of grape juice after the grape is pressed. After mixing, the fermentation can be carried out for about 10-25 days to ferment into a wine with aroma.

The above is a description of the winemaking process. If you are interested in winemaking machinery, you can contact us. We are a professional brewing equipment company, which can provide you with the Fermentation Tank, brewing machine, etc. needed in the winemaking process. Welcome you arrival.


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