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Why Choose Craft Beer Equipment

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Why Choose Craft Beer Equipment

Beer Equipment

Last year, China's beer sales were not very good. In the past five years, beer sales have declined successively, and it has been hit by imported beer and brewed beer. With the improvement of living standards per capita, the so-called high-end craft beer that was only seen in hotel bars has begun to enter thousands of households, and the variety has gradually enriched. From simple raw materials to rich additives now has been developed. There are many modes to drink the variety. The craft beer industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Everyone is very optimistic about this prospect. Many venture capitalists also focus on this.

In order to meet the individual needs of customers, many restaurants have created their own unique brands to seize new shopping malls. Not only have they made a lot of progress in food and service, many restaurants have purchased Brewing Equipment and introduced German imported winemaking skills. The self-brewed beer equipment is exquisite and luxurious, and has a small footprint. It not only can visually display its beautiful craftsmanship, but also allows customers to enjoy the delicious beer and witness the production process of “malt pouring, beer flowing out” while enjoying the beer. One step to the taste of the "stomach", let people appreciate the long-standing beer civilization, and invest in the new era of seeking differences and returning to the true age.

The primary raw materials for brewed beer are malt, hops, yeast and water. Because the brewed beer on-site brewing, on-site consumption without any additives, can not be compared with bottled beer, is the real whole malt brewing original flavor, all-natural beer. Self-brewed beer contains protein compounds, trace elements, many types of antioxidants and minerals, as well as a variety of inorganic ions, such as calcium, zinc, phosphorus and so on. Hops can promote the excretion of saliva, gastric juice and bile, and strengthen the stomach and spleen.

Advantages of self-brewed beer equipment:

The self-brewed beer equipment has a small production scale and flexible production. It can not only produce barley wine, wheat wine, dark beer, white beer, but also can produce fruit beer and warm beer. Because the output can be ordered according to the needs of users, in addition to the self-sufficiency of the restaurant, it can also supply to surrounding hotels, food stalls, supermarkets, and families. It is recommended that merchants must start with the quality and hygiene of the beer when doing the promotion. According to the above, the status of self-brewed beer equipment in domestic shopping malls is summarized: not that self-brewed beer has promoted the innovation of China's beer market, but the domestic beer market has changed.

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