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How Is Vacuum Distillation Equipment Used?

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Here is a Restaurant Beer Brewery Manufacturer talking about how is vacuum distillation equipment used.

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Although the vacuum distillation apparatus is one of the distillation apparatuses, it has some characteristics different from those of the distillation apparatus. The working principle of the vacuum distillation apparatus is that some compounds have a high boiling point. To boil such compounds, it is preferred to reduce the pressure at which the compound boils rather than increase the temperature. Once the pressure is reduced to the vapor pressure of the compound (at a certain temperature), the compound begins to boil and the distillation can proceed. This technique is known as vacuum distillation and is commonly found in laboratories in the form of vacuum vaporizers. This technique is useful for compounds whose boiling point exceeds their decomposition temperature at atmospheric pressure, and attempts to boil such compounds at atmospheric pressure will cause them to decompose.

How is vacuum distillation equipment used?

1. When installing the vacuum distillation instrument, you must select a rubber stopper of the appropriate size, preferably a grinding vacuum distillation unit.

2. Distillate contains a large amount of low-boiling substances, which must be distilled under normal pressure to distill most of the anti-mesh, and then distilled under reduced pressure with a water pump to remove low-boiling substances.

3. Stop heating, recover low-boiling substances, and check the connection of each part of the instrument to make it close.

4. Turn on the oil pump, then slowly close the safety valve and observe if the pressure on the pressure gauge reaches the requirement. If the requirement is not met, the safety valve can be used for adjustment.

5. When the pressure reaches a constant level, start heating the distillation bottle. When rectifying the monomer, a small amount of zeolite should be added to the distillation flask (usually an oil bath is used, and the temperature is higher than the boiling point of the distillate by 20 to 30 ° C. The volatile high boilers can be 30 to 50 ° C higher in the later stage. 6. After the distillation is finished, remove the heat source first, wait a little colder, and then gradually open the safety piston. When the balance of the mercury column in the pressure gauge drops, stop pumping. After the pressure inside and outside the system is balanced, remove the instrument and clean it.

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