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The Importance of Beer Equipment Maintenance

Apr. 02, 2020 Share:

With the continuous development of China's brewing science and technology level, the quality, automation, and temperature control of beer equipment have been significantly improved. Many beer equipment companies have been on the road to product automation, digitalization, and intelligent technological innovation.

At present, there are various types of beer equipment on the market. There are large-scale factory brewing equipment, small brewed beer equipment, such as catering beer equipment, Home Microbrewery Equipment, and room temperature brewing equipment and low-temperature brewing beer equipment. Upgraded craft beer equipment for market consumption can meet the beer brewing needs of different users.

Home Microbrewery Equipment

Home Microbrewery Equipment

In addition, beer equipment has good brewing flavor and taste, and also has the characteristics of small space occupation, convenient assembly, energy saving, and high production efficiency. However, some users reported that the beer equipment had a small failure during use. Although some minor faults will not affect the life of beer equipment, it will still have an impact on the original brewing of the enterprise.

Perhaps most users only know the use of beer equipment and often overlook the importance of maintenance, which causes many equipment to be damaged immediately after being put into use or small faults often occur during use. Industry technical personnel said that if beer equipment is not used in the maintenance process, even the best quality equipment will have minor failures.

We know that people are paying more and more attention to their body and skin. Of course, beer equipment maintenance is also indispensable. Maintaining beer equipment can not only extend the service life, but also ensure the entire production process to ensure the quality and safety of beer brewing.

The beer equipment is a special equipment for the beer brewing industry. The maintenance work is to extend the service life of the equipment and keep the production operation stable and safe. No matter what type of beer equipment, users should pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment during use. Therefore, Beer Equipment Supplier has introduced equipment maintenance knowledge for user's reference.

First of all, in the process of use, the user should restart the beer compressor 5 minutes apart to avoid serious accidents caused by the compressor. Secondly, it is necessary to regularly check whether the brewing parts of the craft beer equipment are intact. Once damage is found, it should be repaired and replaced in time.

Once again, Beer Equipment should keep the inside and outside clean, no sliding or foreign matter accumulation on each sliding surface, etc. The debris and dirt around all parts should be cleaned, and the power should be cut off for a long time to keep the interior clean and dry.

In addition, the user must know the equipment and operate the beer brewing equipment correctly to avoid improper operation or mistakes and minor malfunctions of the equipment. Finally, users should always check the degree of lubrication of beer brewing equipment. If there is insufficient lubricant, they should be added in time. Improper or missing lubrication will cause serious wear between parts and components, which will affect the flexibility, operating quality and service life of the equipment. 

In addition, it cannot be ruled out that due to insufficient training of many maintenance personnel and operators, the professional and technical ability is not strong, and the maintenance of the equipment is not ideal. In this regard, beer processing enterprises and beer equipment manufacturers should strengthen the training intensity and improve the professional level of maintenance, which is conducive to extending the service life of beer equipment, and can keep the equipment running longer, and provide high-quality safety guarantee for beer brewing. 


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