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The features of nano brewing systems

May. 08, 2018 Share:

Yuesheng nano brewing systems features include:

1. Seamless flexibility of batch sizes between 3.5 bbl and 5 bbl on a single brewhouse

2. 100% certified 304L sanitary food grade stainless steel in all of our components. Zero mild steel in our brewhouse, kettles or brew deck

3. Components like two integrated steam calandrias and VFD’s (Variable Frequency Drives) that allow for precise, automated temperature control of the mash tun and boil profile in the kettle

4. A Mash out manway and true Vee-Wire False Bottom for rapid and efficient cleanup

5. Conical brew kettle bottoms with ultimate drains

6. A Design that allows infinite control, endless flexibility and precise repetition,

7. An efficient and time saving brewing process

8. 100% professional grade components, exactly like those found on our much larger brewing systems

9. Integrated Clean-In-Place (CIP) capability

10. Engineering that diminishes oxidation and tannins to ultimately assist in creating a consistent and clean beer.

As a professional beer plant manufacturer, Yuesheng can supply nano brewery equipment for sale. Looking forward to your orders!

The features of nano brewing systems


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