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Can You Really Make Good Beer With The Beer Equipment?

Dec. 16, 2019 Share:

Craft beer is developing in full swing all over the country. Many industry bosses purchase equipment to enter commercial bar craft brewing. But is it really easy to make craft beer with stable quality?

In the production process of Beer Equipment, there is a phenomenon of instability in quality, which is mainly manifested in the instability of fullness, color, aroma, acidity, bitterness, etc., and even serious phenomena such as pouring cans. Share several aspects with us based on our many years of equipment manufacturing experience by Brewery Equipment Manufacturer.

Beer Equipment

Beer Equipment

First, whether to perform stable operation according to process requirements

(1) In terms of the amount of raw materials used, we must strictly follow the formula.

(2) In the process of crushing, in order not to affect the sugar yield, we usually use a method of humidifying the malt, but the degree of humidification must be kept stable, and the gap between the mill and the roller must be fixed and cannot be adjusted at will.

(3) From the perspective of professional technology, temperature affects the composition of wort ingredients such as protein, amino acids, fermentable sugars and non-sugars. In the later fermentation process, the flavor substances produced by yeast fermentation are also different, and saccharification The thermometer needs to be calibrated regularly. Temperature control accuracy should be maintained at ± 0.5 ° C.

(4) The wort should be filtered as brightly as possible, and the number of washings, the temperature and amount of the washings water should be fixed, which will help to fix the ingredients and concentration of the wort before boiling. At the same time, we should try to shorten the filtering time.

(5) Boiling of wort is an important part of brewing beer. The wort concentration affects the fullness and mellow thickness of beer. A good pot of wort can be used to make beer half of the time, so the addition time of hops ( It directly affects the bitterness of beer, the intensity of hops, and the evaporation of water per unit time (evaporation affects the purity of beer taste).

(6) The fermentation process is also very important. What we need to do is to control five parameters: yeast addition, fermentation temperature, canning sugar content, canning pressure, diacetyl reduction time, and draining the fermentation broth once daily before sealing the Fermentation Tank within the sediment, passaging yeast pay attention to the time and amount of recovery.

Second, selection of craft beer raw materials

Craft beer is made from just four ingredients: malt, yeast, hops and water. For brewing water, you can choose domestic water that can be directly consumed. Yeasts are preferred for fresh cultured yeasts that have passed strict passaging control. They are pure breeds and highly active. For malt, special malt is preferred. Special malt generally determines beer characteristics. Stable supplier selection is particularly important.

Third, strict hygiene control

(1) The cleaning work of the production system is particularly important. The saccharification system (saccharification pot, filter tank, spin tank, sheet) is cleaned with hot alkali and hot water before each production. If the washing ball cannot be washed, it must be manually cleaned.

(2) Fermentation system cleaning: open the tank for inspection after the fermenter is finished with caustic soda, clean the dead corners manually, and remove the auxiliary pipes connected to the tank for manual cleaning after disassembly; the fermenter must not be opened after disinfection. 12 hours, re-sterilize after expiry.

(3) Cleaning of the crushing system: clean the utensils before crushing, and the moldless packaging bag should contain the crushed raw materials. When using humidification and pulverization, it is best to use fresh powder for raw materials. The maximum time for pulverization in advance should not exceed 8 hours. After the pulverization is completed, the utensils and the floor should be cleaned.

There is nothing difficult in the world that is only for those who care about you. The equipment is good. The equipment is afraid that you will not use it. Have you carefully studied what the editor shared today, I hope it will help you.


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