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What are the Advantages of Small Brewing Equipment in the Brewing Process?

Feb. 10, 2020 Share:

Most wine manufacturers now use small-scale wine making equipment. Why are small equipment used by many brewers now? What are the advantages in the wine making process? Many brewers do not know if there is no advantage. It will not be used for brewing. Today, Beer Equipment Factory will share what are the advantages of the winemaking process, let's understand together.


The brewing equipment is a precise brewing instrument. The equipment magnetizes high, medium, and low-end wines, and removes turbidity, antifreeze, solidification, ripening, and decontamination. The ultrafiltration is completed in one time. After processing, the machine is bottled immediately. Mellow and not spicy. The two sets of filter cartridges are used alternately, with a magnetic pump. According to the user's filtering requirements, it can be equipped with different precision filter elements and ultra-porous filters. The result is high precision, good strength, corrosion resistance and non-toxicity.


Because Brewery Equipment is made of better quality stainless steel materials. Introduced good technology, using diatomite as filter aid, three-dimensional mixing in all directions, will not form floating fatty acids, fusel oil, reduce filtration costs. And in the process of homogenization, the wine body is aerated with oxygen and becomes acid, and the acid and alcohol combine to form fat, which makes the wine aging and premature. And the equipment covers a small area, low noise, no oil, fast energy saving, automation, and low processing cost.


Depending on the fermentation time of small and medium-sized brewing equipment and the content of fatty acids, the liquor equipment can also actively select different filtering materials and methods for selective adsorption treatment. Improved the quality of liquor, and dealt with the problem that liquor is not clear at low temperature.


For the selection of Microbrewery Equipment materials, purchase the equipment from a good reputable manufacturer, so that there will be no major problems in terms of equipment quality and after-sales issues. In general, the production materials of each small liquor brewing equipment sales company are not the same. The equipment materials are various, and the common ones are aluminum, iron, and stainless steel. For aluminum, it has low acid and alkali resistance and short service life. It is important that during the wine making process, aluminum liquor production equipment will produce chemical reactions and generate alumina, which not only affects wine production to a great extent The quality of alcohol can also affect the body of people who drink alcohol. This is very inappropriate, and aluminum has been gradually eliminated by people. Recommended reading: What kind of brewing equipment do you need to buy to open a winery?

 Microbrewery Equipment

Microbrewery Equipment

Stainless steel equipment can make up for these shortcomings. Liquor equipment of this material is particularly stable in chemical properties and does not cause some chemical reactions to generate some harmful substances to the human body. And stainless steel is easier to clean and more beautiful than aluminum. Some breweries can also save some money, because the price of stainless steel materials is relatively lower than aluminum, and there are some brewing equipment made of porcelain, ceramics and other materials, the taste of wine is different depending on the material.


Choosing a good set of brewing wine equipment also depends on whether there is a bartending technology. In general, the brewed wine needs to be processed by a specific program before it can be put on the market for sale. For example, blending can release the aroma of the wine. Buyers should note that the cost of mixing wine should be reasonable. Generally, the price of white wine is very low, but the quality and taste of the mixed white wine are very poor.


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