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Something About Beer Equipment

Jul. 09, 2018 Share:

The development process of each industry is the process of refining and deepening its various technical links, namely: winning by details. The rapid development of China's nano brewing equipment factory in the past decade has marked the rapid transformation of China's beer equipment from quantity to quality. After the rapid development of the small beer brewing equipment in the last century, it has entered a stage of gradual development.

1BBL nano brewing equipment is small and complete. It includes almost all the equipment in the big brewery production, including the following systems, raw material crushing system, saccharification system, wort cooling system, fermentation system, beer filtration system, bottle filling gland sterilization system, electrical and automatic control system, refrigeration systems, etc. Because of different specific purpose of use, users can choose according to their specific needs, and the configuration of equipment in each department of small beer production line also has corresponding changes. Even if the purpose is the same, each user has different process parameters, automatic control degree, design, overall budget, installation conditions, etc. for each device in the production line.

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