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Yuesheng is a professional pub beer brewery manufacturer

Jun. 28, 2018 Share:

As a pub beer brewery manufacturer, Yuesheng provides “on-the-ground” consulting for setting up Micro brewery or brewpub. We have expertise in evaluating, optimizing and developing solutions. Yuesheng consultants have an average of more than 30+ years experience in executive positions, at end-user and vendor corporations. Yuesheng plans your equipment layout, you benefit from our experience.

Our snug yet efficient brewery space runs on a 20 barrel system, which has the capacity to maintain 8 year round selections and our rotating seasonal beers. People can look into the brewery through a glass window from the pub side which shows the brew deck, large copper kettle, mash-tun, and occasionally the head brewer.

We can offer pub beer brewery, hotel beer brewery and restaurant beer brewery. Hope you will choose our beer brewery equipment between the whole industry.

Yuesheng is a professional pub beer brewery manufacturer


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