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Precautions Of 10BBL Fermenter

Jul. 30, 2018 Share:

1. The system must be used to ensure that all single piece equipment of the 10BBL fermentercan operate normally.

2. When the filter is disinfected, the steam pressure flowing through the air filter must not exceed 0.17 MPa, otherwise the filter element will be damaged and the filtering capacity will be lost.

3. During the fermentation process, ensure that the tank pressure does not exceed 0.17 MPa.

4. In the actual elimination process, when the jacket is preheated by steam, the inlet steam pressure must be controlled within the working pressure range of the equipment (not exceeding 0.2 MPa), otherwise the fermentation tank may be damaged.

5. When emptying and realizing, be sure to drain the remaining water in the fermenter jacket. Otherwise, the inner cylinder of the fermenter may be flattened, causing damage to the equipment; in the case of actual elimination, too much condensed water may cause the culture solution to be diluted, thereby failing to meet the process requirements.

6. During the cooling process after the end of the air consumption and the end of the actual elimination, it is strictly forbidden to generate negative pressure in the fermenter to avoid pollution and even damage the equipment.

7. During the fermentation process, the tank pressure of the fermenter from conical fermenter manufacturer should be maintained between 0.03 and 0.05 MPa to avoid contamination.

8. During each operation, the pressure in the air pipe must be kept larger than the tank pressure of the fermenter. Otherwise, the liquid in the fermenter will flow back into the filter, block the filter element or invalidate the filter.

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