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Barley Cleaning Process During The Use Of Nano Brewing Systems

Mar. 01, 2019 Share:

Although the barley used in the brewing of Nano Brewing Systems has been dedusted before soaking, the surface of the grain is still attached with a certain amount of dirt. In the process of immersing wheat, many different chemicals in the granules are washed out by using wheat granules in the water, pouring pumps and other mechanical means.

When the start of the addition of the impregnated wheat water, it can be seen that there is still a large amount of dirt on the surface of the wheat grains dissolved in the water. In addition, bitter substances, silicic acid and wheat husk proteins are also soluble in water. Since these substances are not conducive to the taste of beer from 5BBL Beer Brewing Equipment and cause turbidity in beer, this cleaning process is very important.

It is not dangerous to have Fusarium on the surface of barley, and only when the harvesting conditions are unfavorable will they multiply. Therefore, it is important to measure the number of Fusarium by using rapid detection methods before making wheat. The interior of the barley that is affected by barley tends to be red due to the presence of mold hyphae. If it is not the whole batch of barley hand acid, it can be sterilized by bactericide when immersing wheat.

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