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Advantage Of Using Nano Brewing Equipment

Jul. 26, 2018 Share:

First: The technical lead steps are simple.

Second: save time and cost

Directly add clinker and distiller's yeast to ferment and produce wine. It saves 50% of fuel compared with traditional technology, saves 50% of labor and manpower, and saves 50% of time. Steamed wine and steamed materials are almost consumed together.


1, the rate of wine is high.

Traditional brewing equipment technology has a low brewing rate, usually between 40-55% corn. The selection of nano brewing equipment, the wine rate can be increased by 50%. According to the calculation of 50 kg of white wine with 100 kg of grain, the rate of rice wine can reach 90-100% and corn 70-80%.

2, the quality of wine is high:

The white wine produced by nano brewing systems is clear, sweet and refreshing, pure in wine, long and thick, innocent, fragrant, and spicy. After inspection by the national legal part, the quality of the wine reaches the national first-class product specification. Because they are all made of pure grain and maintain the flavor of the original traditional wine, it is very popular and is highly anticipated by the mall.

3. High economic efficiency:

Because the new technology saves half of the cost and time of the traditional technology, the brewing rate of the brewing equipment is improved by 50%, and the quality of the wine can be ensured together, and the by-products such as high protein distiller's grains can be sold or fed pigs and fish. Its economic benefits are clearly reflected.

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