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What Equipment Is Needed To Run a Nano Brewing Equipment Factory?

Dec. 25, 2018 Share:

Beer Fermenter Unitank

1. Adopting a scientific and scientific shaped cutter structure system and hydraulic automatic lifting technology to ensure uniform turning and smooth troughing, increase filtration speed and production efficiency, and maintain good transparency and juice yield of wort.

2. Choose a good suspension and agitation device, with frequency conversion, speed regulation and automatic control technology, which makes the operation convenient and flexible, simple maintenance and cost saving.

●Boiling pot

1. The applied boiled and pressurized technology in the body increases the boiling strength, greatly increases the evaporation of dimethyl sulfide, promotes the polymerization of protein and other condensable substances, and separates the boiled wort from the polymer.

2. Adopting the extracorporeal circulation mixing technology to accelerate the heating rate in the initial stage of wort boiling, so that the wort maintains a uniform temperature during the heating process, and prevents the degeneration of the wort soluble matter in the area caused by local overheating, thereby ensuring the wheat The boiling quality of the juice.

●Precipitation tank

1. Nano Brewing Equipment Factory recommend that you: according to the better storage unit size of the grain storage area, enlarge the diameter to height ratio of the tank, reduce the swirling speed, promote the sedimentation and coagulation of the coagulum, and achieve better separation.

2, coupled with a hot coagulum storage tank, can increase the yield of wort, but also reduce environmental pollution.

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