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Brewing Points For Nano Brewing Equipment!

Nov. 22, 2018 Share:

Beer is made from barley and other grains, adding a small amount of hops, using a special process such as wheat, saccharification, fermentation, etc., a kind of small amount of wine and more carbon dioxide, with hops and refreshing bitterness, nutrition Rich and flavorful low-alcoholic wine. In addition to good 200L Red Copper Brewery and high-comparation brewing technology, it is a good drink.

The taste of beer is related to the correct operation of beer equipment during the brewing process. The following beer brewing matters deserve our attention:

1. In the brewing process, the malt variety and quality, well-dissolved malt, not only the enzyme content is high, but also the decomposition of the endosperm cell wall.

2, the relative surface area is small, not conducive to the role of enzymes

3, the saccharification temperature of Nano Brewing Equipment brewing process, temperature has a greater impact on saccharification. Therefore, the temperature should be affected by the temperature of different enzymes. The saccharification time, the influence of saccharification time is always associated with the saccharification temperature.

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