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Nano Brewery Sterilization Method

Jun. 14, 2019 Share:

There are several methods for sterilization and sterilization of Nano Brewery for beer production water.

(1) The sand rod (sand filter rod) is filtered by a sand filter rod filter device to remove microorganisms and some organic impurities in the water, and does not filter the dissolved salts and molecular impurities in the water.

(2) Chlorination and sterilization Because the use of liquid chlorine is difficult, the factory often uses bleaching powder instead. However, water for saccharification, washing with yeast, water for cultivation, water for diluting beer, and water for beer filters cannot be removed by sterilization.

(3) Ozone sterilization Ozone sterilization requires special ozone sterilization equipment. After filtering the clean water, the ozone addition amount is 0.1~1g/m3 to achieve satisfactory sterilization effect.

(4) Ultraviolet sterilizing Ultraviolet sterilizing requires special ultraviolet sterilizing equipment. The ultraviolet ray with a wavelength of 200-300 nm has bactericidal ability, and the bactericidal ability is the strongest at 260 nm. It can be used for yeast washing water. Sterilization of beer dilution water.

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