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Current Problems In Nano Brewery Industry And Analysis Of Future Trends

Mar. 11, 2019 Share:

Many operators in the Nano Brewery industry are laymen. Because of the beer brewing equipment that they don't understand, they don't compare the quality and applicability. They only know the comparison price and use the low-end brewing equipment, which has great stability to the wine. The impact has led to unstable business performance.

200L Brewery Equipment is a new thing, and most consumers are not very aware of craft beer. In order to reduce the cost of raw materials, the bad merchants reduce the amount of raw materials, or use low-quality raw materials; in order to save time and effort, not to follow the standard operating procedures, simplify the operation process, which directly affect the taste of the finished wine.

The operators did not have a deep understanding of the local beer consumption market, the store location was not properly selected, they did not open a similar restaurant, and did not understand the catering pricing, promotion, and channel management.

The development of a new thing is accompanied by the growth of its talent team. At present, domestic brewers and business talents are still relatively lacking. Craft beer is not simply a beer that can be sold. It requires refined process control, rich theoretical knowledge, and the control of the details of the brewer to produce a refined beer.

Beer is the world's two major beverages besides tea. Although China is a big beer consumer, the world's big trend is long-lasting. The singular products can't stop people's pursuit of delicious and diversified, and low-quality industrial beer can't stop it. People's pursuit of quality.

Craft beer equipment is right to enter the Chinese market at this time. Although there are a series of problems in technology and talent shortage, due to its good quality and diversified tastes, it can be well integrated with the current concept of green catering. Therefore, with the increasing personal demand of beer consumers in China, cultural marketing will become a means of the industry.

The combination of craft beer and catering green leisure culture will become the main force for personalized beer consumption and green catering in China in the future.

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