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Micro Brewery Machinery Steam Heating Is More Evenly Heated

Jun. 27, 2019 Share:

The Micro Brewery Machinery mainly consists of a saccharification system, a fermentation system, a filtration system, a filling system, a CIP washing system, a power distribution and a constant temperature control system, and a refrigeration system. This equipment completely simulates the whole process of brewery production, has operability, and has guiding significance and recommendation for teaching experiments and simulation production of light industry colleges.

The steaming of the Hotel Beer Brewery is relative to the electric heating, the steam temperature is constant, and the heating area is large, which can ensure that the temperature of the sputum heating process is relatively uniform, and the degradation of starch and protein in the malt is ideal; there is no phenomenon of electric heating paste pot, paste The pot will affect the taste of the wine; and clean the cleaning pot.

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