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Introduction Of Hotel Beer Brewing Equipment

Aug. 15, 2018 Share:

The production capacity of Hotel Beer Brewery generally ranges from a few hundred liters to more than a thousand liters, generally not exceeding 1,500 liters. Brewed products are generally unfiltered puree beer or pure beer, which is generally turbid.

The product is generally used by the hotel.

The design concept of the hotel-type beer brewing equipment of Hotel Beer Brewery Manufacturer is: pursuing the unity and integration of the equipment viewing display function and the use performance, and the weight of the ornamental and display type is too large;

Due to the small equipment, it can flexibly use a variety of winemaking techniques to control the flavor and physical and chemical indicators of the wine, suitable for restaurants, barbecue shops, restaurants, bars and other dining and entertainment venues. Yuesheng meets the needs of the catering industry users. The design and production of ZH series self-brewed beer equipment is exquisite and luxurious, with small floor space, simple operation, many product models and various types. It can also be equipped with components and customized non- Standard equipment; not only has a high ornamental value, but also allows the guests to visually see the whole process of beer production and appreciate the profound connotation of beer culture.

Introduction Of Hotel Beer Brewing Equipment


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