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How To Store Craft Beer Best?

Oct. 23, 2019 Share:

In the autumn of October, the weather is clear and the autumn is strong. In this cool and pleasant day, drinking a delicious craft beer is really a great heart! But then again, if you want to drink such a delicious beer at any time, you should pay attention to the usual preparations and store your favorite wines and wines reasonably. Especially for those who like to drink old wine, you should pay more attention to the "storage way" of craft beer! So let's take a look at how the craft beer should be stored to maintain its best quality. The Brewery Equipment Factory to tell everyone.

First, placed upright.

Craft beer, like red wine, needs to be placed correctly when stored, but the way in which craft beer is placed is quite different from that of red wine, and both bottled and canned are required to stand upright. In particular, do not tilt or place horizontally, and the upright placement allows the dead yeast in the craft beer to settle to the bottom of the bottle. Conversely, when placed obliquely or horizontally, yeast deposits may accumulate on the bottle or the bottle. In addition, there is a clear benefit to the upright placement, which maximizes the antioxidant capacity of the craft beer and thus extends the shelf life of the craft beer.

Second, save from light.

First of all, we must affirm that the canned beer is not stored in the dark! The color of the bottle of craft beer is usually brown or dark brown. The main purpose of the above color is to let the drinker feel a relaxed and harmonious drinking atmosphere. On the other hand, this color is very good. It shields the sunlight (provided that the bottle is kept in a dark, cool place) and prevents the wine from deteriorating, thus ensuring the quality of the beer. For example, if you expose a bottle of craft beer to the sun for a long time, it will produce an annoying “skunk smell”, which is also called“sunlight smell”. The formation of "smelly" is caused by the irradiation of strong light, which causes the beer to produce a lot of bitterness components. When they are separated again, they have a so-called "skunk smell".

Beer Fermenter Unitank

Beer Fermenter Unitank 

Third, adjust the temperature.

It is well known that high temperatures can affect the taste and taste of beer, especially beer brewed using Craft Beer Brewery Machinery, which should be kept in a cool but not very cold place. Although some drinkers like to drink cold beer, the quality and taste of the beer will change greatly after a long period of ice. In general, wine cellars and refrigerators are good for storing craft beer, but don't store them in the refrigerator for a long time. It is worth noting that you must keep the temperature constant! Different types of brewed beer with different alcohol contents have different storage temperatures.

Fourth, keep in mind the shelf life of craft beer.

Different types of craft beer have different shelf life due to differences in brewing materials and processes. For example, the shelf life of some craft beer is only about half a year, and some? It has been for decades! In general, the shelf life of most craft beer is usually around 6-12 months (the shelf life of canned craft beer will be more than 18 months), and some high-quality craft beer can be kept for about 2 years. . In addition, craft beer with high alcohol content has a longer shelf life than ordinary craft beer, and these long-preserved craft beer should not be placed in the refrigerator. The Beer Fermenter Unitank used in the beer brewing process. It is precisely after careful selection, the wine cellar is where they should stay.


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