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How To Clean Beer Brewing Equipment

Aug. 10, 2018 Share:

Selection of stainless steel beer equipment

The biggest advantage of stainless steel is its insensitivity to acids and bases. However, the inner wall of the 30BBL brew equipment should be as smooth as possible to ensure thorough cleaning and to remove all residual dirt. Special emphasis should be placed on the selection of equipment: the smoothing of the weld; the polishing of the inner wall.

The premise of stainless steel corrosion resistance is that the surface metal is pure and can form an inert layer. Therefore, shielding gas welding must be used to avoid oxidation and physical or chemical passivation (pickling) is required.

Stainless steel is not allowed to come into contact with other iron tools because iron ions can cause corrosion

30BBL fermenter cleaning

When the wine in the fermenter is empty, do not let the carbon dioxide out. You can rinse it twice with water, so that there is no smell of wine in the jar. The carbon dioxide is discharged before the alkali water is injected.

The fermenter is soaked in alkaline water. The alkaline water must be covered by the bubble cover regardless of the heat and cold. When the next time you make wine, use a pump to circulate the alkaline water for cleaning, then wash it 3-4 times with water for 60-80 seconds each time.

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