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How Can Beer Be Tasted?

Oct. 09, 2019 Share:

At present, craft beer is very popular in the country. From the earliest hotels and restaurants, the craft beer can be spread to the current craft beer house, craft beer hall and craft beer bar. Some friends will feel that the reaction of some craft beer is not good, Here I summarize the factors that influence the taste of craft beer.

10BBL Brewing System

10BBL Brewing System

First of all, we need to know the production process of craft beer, simply talk about the steps: malt crushing - saccharification - filtration cyclotron - wort separation - fermentation - wine - canned sales. Then the craft beer that wants to make a good taste needs to meet the following conditions:

1. Firstly you need a set of professional craft beer equipment. This is very important. The professional equipment has good sealing performance and there will be no air leakage. The yeast can fully evaporate during fermentation to obtain comprehensive nutrients. Completely sinking, recovering yeast, making the wine clear, no impurities, beer to achieve the best taste, so before brewing, first prepare a complete set of beer equipment, including precision Fermentation Tank, from saccharification to automatic fermentation control, Reduce the man-made operation, so as to avoid excessive exposure to the air, which affects the quality of the beer.

2. Strictly follow the brewing process of the brewing beer. The temperature of the washing water is controlled below 76°. The brewing raw materials are strictly controlled. The brewing beer should also have a complete brewing system, which can ensure the professional and precise brewing process, and produce brewing and exporting. Feel better beer. In the professional beer manufacturer, the 10BBL Brewing System will be used to automatically brew beer with good export.

3. Water requirements, the content of water and alkali should be strictly tested before making wine.

4. Select high quality brewing raw materials.

Brewing your own craft beer in addition to professional brewing equipment. High-quality beer raw materials and qualified winemakers also need a hot heart that loves craftsmanship! Only by loving the craftsmanship, researching the craft beer will produce good wine and carry forward the spirit of craft beer. After using the brewing equipment to brew the beer, then the problem is, how should the equipment be cleaned? We all know that barley is a raw material in brewing. Before the brewing with self-brewing equipment, although the dust removal work has been done on barley, there are still some unclean substances on the surface of the barley, so how to remove the dirt It is our top priority.

Below we as a Beer Equipment Manufacturer to bring you to know how to clean barley using craft beer equipment.

When using beer equipment for dip wheat, it is necessary to first roll the wheat grain in the water, and then use a pour pump and other mechanical means to remove the surface material of the wheat grain. The cleaning process of the brewing/brewed beer equipment is very important because the surface chemical of the grain is not conducive to the taste of the beer and causes the beer to become cloudy. It is not dangerous to have Fusarium on the surface of barley, and only when the harvesting conditions are unfavorable will they multiply. Therefore, it is quick to use before making wheat. The speed detection method measures the number of Fusarium. It is important. Invaded by barley grains. The part is often red due to the presence of mold hyphae. If it is not the whole batch of barley hand acid, it can be sterilized by bactericide when immersing wheat.


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