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Precautions Of Home Brewery Equipment

Jun. 04, 2019 Share:

With the spread of German beer culture, it has become a very important part of our daily life. Some people want to brew some by themselves, which requires the use of Home Brewery Equipment, which can quickly combine all kinds of raw materials for fermentation, making beer production more quantitative and industrialized.

When making beer with Beer Equipment, the environment must be cleaned and disinfected to make the beer more healthy. In addition, after the beer is made, the finished beer needs to be preserved. Here are some things that need our attention.

1. The preservation of beer should be placed in the fermentation tank, sales tank or storage tank. It is required that this tank can be temperature-controlled and pressure-controlled. If the temperature is too high and exceeds the sleeping temperature of yeast, the fresh yeast in beer will conduct secondary fermentation, affecting the flavor and quality of beer. Too low pressure will affect the killing power of beer, because the solubility of carbon dioxide in beer is not only related to temperature, but also related to pressure, so the storage of raw beer must strictly control the temperature and pressure.

2. The environmental requirements of homemade beer are more strict than those of other beers without yeast. Fermenting tanks, sake cans and selling cans, etc. must be strictly sterilized before and during use to ensure asepsis. Before use, the mouth of the pipe must be sterilized with alcohol.

3. Self-brewed beer cannot be directly placed in the open air. In order to prevent sunshine and rain, try to avoid direct sunlight.

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