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How to preserve yeast ?

Oct. 16, 2018 Share:

Precautions for preserving strains in seed Commercial Fermentation Tanks:

a. Before the seed tank is kept, the indoor wall and the ground of the yeast expansion should be cleaned and sterilized, and the tanks and pipes of the equipment should be cleaned and sterilized strictly and thoroughly.

b. After the seed tank strain is raised, when the sugar content drops to 7.5°P (take 10°P wort as an example), when the yeast number is about 40×106/mL, the temperature can be lowered to 3°C and the pressure is kept at 0.01. Preservation strain under Mpa-0.02Mpa

2, conical tank preserved yeast

(1) Temperature control of seed-preserving yeast

Fermentation Tank yeast during storage, the temperature of the fermenter upper, middle and lower should be controlled at 0 °C -1 °C, the temperature control should be stable, can not be high and low, but also be careful to prevent the inner wall of the tank from freezing due to low cooling This will cause the cone bottom to preserve the physiological damage and degradation of the yeast cells.

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