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How To Deal With Water Leakage In Wine Making Equipment?

Jan. 06, 2020 Share:

With the continuous development of brewing skills, the humanized skills of small-scale liquor brewing equipment have brought convenience to our brewing operations. It only takes one or two people to operate a device. However, many customers have recently responded that users will experience water leakage during the use of brewing equipment, so we ask Brewery Equipment Factory to introduce a treatment method for the leakage of small liquor brewing equipment.

First of all, if the temperature of the small liquor brewing equipment is below minus 13.2 degrees, soldering cannot be used to repair it. At that low temperature, the metal lattice of the liquor will turn into powdery gray tin, which will cause the solder joints to break. leak. As the temperature rises, water leaks again.

Secondly, if the small liquor brewing equipment is very thin, it can only be repaired with waterproof glue. If it is thicker, it can be drilled, tapped, and blocked with stainless steel screws. Large cracks are still removed. Tin-zinc aluminum alloy is used to repair aluminum stainless steel. The can is heated and melted in 60% tin, 35% zinc and 5% aluminum in an iron spoon, etc., and cast into an elongated electrode. Clean the oil stains on the cracks, polish the oxide film with an abrasive cloth, and then clean them with a screwdriver or a broken saw blade. Use a torch to heat the aluminum parts to 300°C-400°C, and wipe the electrodes on the cracks. When the electrodes are melted, use a screwdriver to The molten electrode alloy rubs at the cracks, allowing the alloy to flow into the cracks, and then gradually thickens the welding layer.

Maintenance is to perform regular or irregular maintenance inspections on the normal operation of production equipment of small liquor Brewery Equipment manufacturers. The purpose is to ensure that production equipment does not occur or rarely malfunction. Functional departments should grasp the guidelines for maintenance and repair. The maintenance time is flexibly grasped by the operating and management personnel, and can be planned and controlled independently. It is an active and active preventive repair method.

Brewery Equipment

Brewery Equipment

In order to deal with the leakage of small-scale liquor making equipment, we must pay more attention to many details and points. Liquor brewing equipment cannot be used without maintenance, because after a long period of use, the brewing equipment will inevitably be contaminated with many dirt and dust, so if it can be cleaned and maintained in time, the dirt and dust can be wiped away. The clean and dry liquor making equipment can effectively extend the service life during use, which helps us to use the equipment better.

1. The handprints, watermarks, gray stains, etc. on the surface of the mirror-light liquor making equipment can be wiped off with glass water or other cleaning agents or wet towels, and then polished with a non-lint cloth.

2. The oiled matt liquor production equipment, such as fingerprints, ash, etc., should be wiped with a clean cloth containing a small amount of stainless steel oil to shine.

3. For oiling liquor making equipment, it should be cleaned first. Pack the wine making equipment in a small watering can, spray it on the surface of the towel or stainless steel steaming equipment, and apply a uniform layer along the lines of the equipment.

4. After applying the oil, apply a clean, non-lint cloth, wipe it a few times along the lines, wipe off the thick oil and some fluff, etc., to keep it shiny.

5. The towels used should be clean and free of sand, etc. The tools must not scratch the surface of the liquor making equipment.

6. The cleaning agent used should not corrode the surface of the winemaking equipment.

7. After cleaning, you should choose a non-lint cloth and rub the plush or fine dust on the surface of the brewing equipment to light.

The above is the method introduced by the supplier of Fermentation Tank to deal with the leakage of liquor brewing equipment. I hope it can help everyone.


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