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How To Brew Dark Beer With Commercial Beer Brewing Systems?

May. 17, 2019 Share:

The black beer brewed by the Commercial Beer Brewing Systems is one of the puree beer. The dark beer color is often greater than 40EBC, the liquor is reddish brown, the wine is mellow, the foam is fine, the bitter taste is moderate, and the reputation of "black milk" is also Suitable for drinking in the cold weather.

First: selection of materials. Self-brewed beer equipment usually uses high-quality malt with high solubility, relatively dark color and small particle size, with about 10% black malt, and sometimes using the right amount of amber malt. We also ask him to increase the malt flavor of the finished beer for sweet malt. And avoid excessive weight of coke and bitterness, affecting the taste of beer. The degree of comminuted rye can be appropriately coarse to prevent filtration difficulties.

Second: add sugar color toner. The amount can be determined according to the color standard of the finished beer, generally not more than 0.2% of the liquor, and can be added in the beer of the brewed beer equipment. Since the taste of beer depends to a large extent on the quality of the coloring agent, maltose color is used in recent years, and its essential component is close to wort, and the dissolution state is good, which is a preferable coloring agent, but it cannot be added too much.

Third: production volume. If you want to mass produce dark beer, you need to have a yeast saccharification fermentation equipment to ensure the quality of the dark beer brewed by the brewed beer equipment and avoid interference with the production of other varieties.

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