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How To Clean The Brewing Equipment To Make It Cleaner And Hygienic?

Jan. 13, 2020 Share:

Brewery Equipment is a kind of equipment used to brew beer or liquor. This kind of equipment is very common and very commonly used in brewers. We know that when producing beer, the brewing equipment is at a very high speed for a long time and high load Under the operation, so the brewing equipment is very powerful. However, the brewing equipment needs to clean the dirt in time to ensure the hygiene and quality of the wine. Want to improve beer quality? Is your brewing equipment cleaned or sterilized? It is important to know that in addition to the brewing process, the cleanliness of brewing equipment in the beer production process is also closely related to the quality of the wine.

Brewery Equipment

Brewery Equipment

The main equipment contacted during the beer production process includes saccharification pot, gelatinization pot, boiling pot, wort transition machine (or filter tank), cold wort pipeline, Fermentation Tank, wort cooler, beer transition machine, drunk mother addition Pumps, beer conveying pipes, spray tanks, filling machines, and various pipe fittings used in production. Cleaning the brewing equipment is to remove as much dirt as possible from the tank, pipes and equipment surfaces. If the cleaning and sterilization is not complete, the residual scale and the reproduction of emblem organisms on the inner wall of the equipment will weaken the effect of the bactericide.

In addition, what should I pay attention to when cleaning winemaking equipment? In order to ensure the quality of wine, we must pay attention to the following issues when cleaning and disinfecting winemaking equipment.

1. The cleaning agent should have lubricating, dissolving, penetrating, saponifying and digesting functions, and should have low corrosivity, cost and effect, and environmental protection requirements.

2. The water with a certain impact strength is used to wash away the attachments on the surface of the winemaking equipment, and then the cleaning agent plays a physical and chemical role under the synergy of temperature and surface substances.

3. The equipment to be cleaned must be closed; the cleaning liquid must be in direct contact with the dirt; the cleaned dirt must be completely discharged from the equipment in a flowing manner to prevent recontamination of the dirt.

If it is not cleaned strictly according to the above method, it may cause contamination to the brewing equipment again! So be sure to pay attention! The above is the method about how to clean the brewing equipment to make it cleaner and sanitary by Brewery Equipment Factory. I hope to help everyone.


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