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What Are The Common Pitfalls When Choosing A Brewing Device?

Oct. 16, 2019 Share:

When new winemakers choose small-scale white wine equipment, they often fall into the trap unconsciously because they don't know how to do it. The winemakers at the University of Atlanta remind everyone to be cautious when choosing small-scale white wine equipment and learn to avoid risks.

Before you prepare to invest in winemaking, you must first figure out the following questions:the prospects of the local brewing market, local drinking habits, customer spending power assessment, competitor analysis, etc., after understanding these, focus on understanding the brewing equipment manufacturers that can cooperate. And some new winemakers often follow the lead when they choose the brewing equipment manufacturers that can cooperate. Today, let our Brewery Equipment Factory reveal the secrets for you one by one.

Trap 1: Inviting you to visit in the name of free training brewing technology

Before you even get to their company, they will promise you a lot of things, such as free learning of a full range of winemaking techniques. When you actually went to their company, they knew that they were free to train simple courses such as raw material fermentation, small promotional equipment distillation, white wine reminder, blending and so on. One of the characteristics of this class is that there are a lot of teachers who give you classes, basically no repetition, and their class content will be very interesting, you can easily be brought into the atmosphere they create. But as long as you are a little calmer, you will find that, in fact, they do not teach you the real winemaking skills, just the marketing class throughout the course.

Beer Fermenter Unitank

Beer Fermenter Unitank

They will always dream for you, showing how good their equipment is, and let you feel that as long as you choose their brewing equipment, you can make money immediately. You originally wanted to go to their side to learn winemaking technology for free. As a result, you bought a lot of things you didn't need.

Solution: You can go to the inspection, but don't rush to make decisions, stay awake at all times, and don't be brought in by the atmosphere they deliberately created. Even if you want to buy a device and want to know about the company, you have to plan your own situation. For example, if you only need to buy Micro Brewery Machinery, you don't have to listen to other types of equipment.

Trap 2: Cheaper will only make you lose more

Now, there are many people who want to start a business at low cost or even at a low cost. Some manufacturers have seized the psychology of this group of people and recommended the so-called "cost-effective" brewing equipment. Is the price/performance ratio really true? For example, equipment that feeds 200 kilograms of grain once is only 3,000 yuan, and it is energy efficient. Everyone wants to buy good and cheap goods, but it has to pay for it. There is no free lunch in the world, and there is no such thing as buying high-quality equipment at low prices.

Solution: Don't be tempted by some equipment manufacturers with low prices. In the era of Internet+, the cost and profit of all walks of life are transparent. Different models, production capacity and material price of equipment have a relatively uniform standard, but the difference in brand makes the price of the equipment slightly different. Before selecting the equipment, first clear the material, structure and model of the product, and then compare it with the same material, the same structure and the same model.

Trap 3: The model of the small brewed liquor equipment has moisture

Different manufacturers, the definition of the model is not the same, the same type 200, some manufacturers refer to 200L capacity, and some manufacturers refer to 200 kg of food once, their size is completely different.

Solution: Before purchasing, be sure to clarify the model, structure and material of the device. The same is the 200 type. Their definitions are different. The equipment of the same capacity has different structure and the price is very far.

New winemakers, what pitfalls do you encounter when choosing winemaking equipment? The wine season is coming soon, and friends who are brewing and entrepreneurial, you must be vigilant and avoid traps when choosing equipment. If you don't know which one to choose, you can come to us. We are a professional brewery equipment factory, which not only includes various types of brewing machinery, but also various items needed in the brewing process, such as Beer Fermenter Unitank. Meet everyone's needs, welcome everyone to come and buy.


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