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How Does a Brewery Choose the Right Brewing Equipment for Brewing?

Mar. 16, 2020 Share:

Everyone knows that China's brewing industry has a history of thousands of years, and production technology and innovation are important research directions in winemaking. In order to realize the comprehensive industrialization and modern development of winemaking technology, the use of new winemaking equipment has become a must for many manufacturers. It is very important for the manufacturer to choose a set of wine equipment. The number of wines produced by the manufacturer every day has a great relationship with the equipment, and the equipment is still related to the quality of the wine, so the manufacturers must choose the equipment carefully. So, how do breweries choose brewing equipment and how can they achieve the effect they want? Let's follow Beer Equipment Supplier to find out today.

First of all, the manufacturer must know what type of wine they want to brew, and different types of wine require different brewing equipment for brewing, and then confirm what raw material equipment to buy. Now domestic domestic liquor brewing equipment is better made of 304 stainless steel. The household wine equipment produced from this raw material is environmentally friendly, beautiful, and chemically stable. It does not cause harmful substances to the human body due to chemical reactions. It is more convenient to clean and has a more exquisite appearance. It is a good choice for winemaking.

It is also necessary to consider how large the winery will be built, how much wine will be produced each day, what raw materials are used to produce wine, and what brewing techniques are used to make wine. Equipment is very important. Only after these things are determined, we know which Brewing Equipment is needed to run the brewing business.

Brewing Equipment

Brewing Equipment

Large-scale breweries generally need to set up their own fermentation workshops. Depending on the scale, soaking tanks and fermentation tanks of different sizes can be constructed, with capacities ranging from several hundred kilograms to several tons, and the scale of the plant varies. After the grain is fermented, the fermentation wine needs to be distilled using a distillation equipment to obtain a finished wine. Distillation equipment currently uses a new type of brewing equipment made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel as the mainstream. The specific size is still determined by the scale of the brewery, but because the manufacturers are different, the convenience of the equipment is not the same.

Currently on the market, winemaking equipment can be divided into liquor equipment, Beer Equipment, wine equipment, and rice wine equipment according to wine categories; According to the principle of wine making, it can be divided into fermentation equipment, brewing equipment, distillation equipment and post-packaging filling equipment. According to the raw materials, it can be divided into wood equipment, brick-mix equipment, stainless steel equipment, aluminum equipment, tin equipment, etc. According to the type category, it can be divided into household brewing equipment and large-scale brewing equipment.

It is necessary to consider that the speed of wine production not only saves time, but also indicates that the cooler of the liquor equipment has good performance. It can quickly cool the wine vapor into wine liquor flowing out of the wine outlet. The corresponding wine vapor loss is small. More importantly, liquor equipment with good cooling effect and fast speed can reduce tailings. The equipment is of high quality and qualified quality. The brewing equipment has the characteristics of clear wine, sweet and refreshing, and pure wine quality.

Good brewing equipment is characterized in that the main components are safe to use, the quality is good, and the cycle is long. In addition, the cooling performance and sealing performance are good, the cooling area is increased, and the cooling effect is improved, and the good sealing performance makes the wine vapor not exposed to ensure the output. When we have good winemaking technology and equipment, we are not afraid of making bad wine. The brewed wine is mellow, and the steamer can use different grains to steam out different wines. Taste, so that the winery can go further.


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