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Which Brewing Equipment is Suitable for Brewing at Home?

Mar. 02, 2020 Share:

For people who love to drink, it's okay. I always like to drink. With this hobby, I slowly buy winemaking equipment to make wine. I must master the winemaking technology and then make wine. At present, there are many wine equipments in the market. Brewers generally choose large-scale brewing equipment, while small wineries choose small-scale brewing equipment. For individuals, they can choose home brewing equipment. The market has home-made brewing equipment, so when you make a purchase, you should ask for more information. If you see which equipment is better, go to where to buy. What should you pay attention to when choosing home brewing equipment? How to choose good home wine equipment? The Beer Equipment Supplier will tell you below.

How to choose the wine equipment for home-brewed use. The wine equipment uses the stove-type cooking technology, which consists of a three-piece boiler, bucket and cooler. This equipment uses coal gas or natural gas as the fuel for heating, and the steam generated by the independent boiler is used to rotate and heat the mash. The embarrassing situation of traditional wine equipment when making wine is dealt with. This wine-making equipment saves time, labor and material, is easy to operate, has a high yield, and has good wine quality.

There is a direct-heating household wine equipment. The traditional direct-heating equipment is simpler than square wooden rafters, tile rafters, and other direct-heating equipment. Just place the wooden crate on the stove and directly heat it to generate wine vapor. The wine vapor meets the bottom of the iron pot covered by it, cools to the liquor and collects at the bottom of the pot. Wine barrel.

However, most of them require the use of iron pans, which are easy to rust, so that the produced white wine has the taste of rust, which affects the quality and taste of the wine. In addition, the traditional wine equipment is volatile and affects the yield. The brewing equipment has been improved in material and structure. It is made of food-grade stainless steel and aluminum. The design process is excellent and the operation is relatively simple. Recommended reading: Under what circumstances should you add more wine song?

Home Microbrewery Equipment

Home Microbrewery Equipment

Home Microbrewery Equipment's method of making wine, judging whether the wine is good or bad, depends not only on the grape variety, but also on the level of operation in the winemaking process.

1. Balance refers to the various elements of wine: fruit aroma, alcohol, tannin, acid, sugar, wine body and aftertaste reach complementary and mutually beneficial relationships, and no one element is too obtrusive. For example, if a wine has a severe burning sensation in your throat, it means that it has too much alcohol and does not have enough fruity aroma, flavor and body to coordinate with it. And if a wine is too strong in oak, it also means that its balance is insufficient, and there is not enough fruity to match the oaky.

2. Richness is in terms of aroma and flavor. The aroma and flavor of the wine are mainly determined by the variety itself and the brewing method. So what kind of wine has better richness? If you put a glass of wine in front of your chest, you can still smell its aroma, it means that its aroma is very good. If a wine can bring a variety of flavors to the mouth, it means that it has better flavor.

3. Complexity is different from richness. A full-bodied wine may only have one or two simple aromas or flavors. Such a wine cannot be called complex. Complex wines will cause you to think. Its aroma is very active and layered, and will change over time.

The above is the equipment suitable for home brewing introduced by Microbrewery Equipment Manufacturer.


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