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How to maintain your loved brewery equipment?

Apr. 27, 2018 Share:

When you built your mini micro brewery equipment, the maintenance of brewery Gear is an important thing, in case your brewery equipment is not in good functionality, it is going to cause bad flavour of beers. Just just how to maintain your brew gear?

1. When you wash brew equipment, forbidding use of detergent or disinfectant That comprising Cl material.

2. If brewing equipment is not used for a long time, please create brewery equipment be thoroughly cleaned, after cleanup, close all valves. All do it before you plan to start brewing.

3. Examine the motor, pump wiring and grounding regularly, make sure the correct wiring. Check the oil level of the motor and hydraulic apparatus, and add the lubricating oil regularly. The pump can't be idle, reversing, in the event that you found leakage of pump, then you should substitute of the pump seal timely.

4. Always check whether there is any foreign matter from the hopper of the grain Miller, additionally check tightness of the belt as well as also the reliability of the safety devices. Cleaning mill milling roller frequently.

5. Boiler, and make sure the smooth flow of traps.

6. It is not Permitted to extract a sizable flow of wort from the lauter to prevent To damage false bottom. When the brewery equipment isn't used, the top of the false bottom can not be pressed to prevent deformation of the false bottom.

7. Examine the plate heat exchanger at any time to Find out if There's leakage, if Found it, should be immediately repaired.

8. Always Focus on the alkaline concentration of water tank, If the concentration is too low or too muddy, it can not be used for washing and ought to be replaced timely.

9. Examine the pipeline valve at any time, if found leakage, it should be timely Repair or replacement.

10. Examine the index of supply frequently, for the electronic temperature Meter temperature correction, it may be vaporized (or alcohol) thermometer to calibrate temperature, which ensure the accuracy of process parameters.

11. After each batch of brewhouse, It Ought to Be cleaned timely with water, Mash plate heat exchanger and also wort pipe also ought to be washed clean.

12. Equipment and process piping, cooling pipes, exhaust pipes are not allowed To grasp scaling.

13. When the brewery equipment is shut down, it should be cut off and hung up The warning marks.

How to maintain your loved brewery equipment?


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