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What If The Beer Machine Has More Foam?

Jul. 15, 2019 Share:

Sometimes, Beer Equipment Supplier will encounter beer foam and more foam. When we encounter this situation, what should we do?

Beer Machine

Beer Machine

1. Check the pressure of the gas meter, and the low pressure meter is controlled within 0.2.

2. Check the cooling effect of the Beer Machine. At least 5-6CM thick ice layer should be installed in the water-cooled beer machine. The power supply should be connected all the time. To a certain temperature, the temperature controller will control the compressor to stop working.

3. The speed of the wine should be moderate, and the flow rate of the wine can be adjusted to control the speed of the wine.

4. When you just change the wine or the barrel is almost empty, there is more foam, because there is air in the wine tube. It is recommended to empty the air in the pipe and then drink alcohol.

5. Because the yellow beer is the easiest to foam, the longest pipe inside the machine must be connected to the yellow beer.

6. Check that the connected wine pipe or gas pipe is still leaking or leaking. It is easy to foam when there is air leakage or leakage.

7. Frequently use CO2 gas or broom to clean dust and debris from the condenser suction net to maintain good heat dissipation.

8. If the wine coming out of the dispenser outlet has foam, it is because there is gas inside the barrel, press the dispenser a little bit, then gently shake the barrel to completely discharge the gas in the barrel, and then Drinking alcohol.


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