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What are the Structural Characteristics of Beer Fermenters?

Jul. 05, 2019 Share:

A Beer Fermenter is a chemical reaction vessel that provides a fermentation reaction site for beer yeast and raw materials during beer production. The tank is made of high-grade stainless steel and is welded by a cylinder and an oval or dish-shaped head. Beer fermenter also has many types according to its capacitym, such as 100L Fermenter, 300L Fermenter and so on.

Brewery Equipment

Brewery Equipment

As a Brewery Equipment, the beer fermenter has its own structure features:

1. The fermenter tanks are made of high-grade stainless steel. The inner and outer surfaces are polished. The polishing precision is ≤ Ra0.4, which prevents the material from sticking to the wall and is easy to clean.

2. The mixing system adopts three-layer six-leaf leaf fermentation special standard paddle, stepless speed regulation, which can realize automatic control of fermentation mixing process;

3. Beer fermentation tank adopts in-situ high-temperature steam sterilization, and the sterilization process can realize automatic control. Sterilization temperature is accurate;

4. Switzerland METTLER PH electrode and shielded wire, the range is 2~12PH, the control accuracy is ±0.02PH;

5. Automatic detection of foam, can add defoamer, sensitivity is 100~10000; air flow control can be manually adjusted by rotameter, the range is 0~5000L/min;

6. The feeding system can be automatically added by the peristaltic pump, the range is 0~5L/min, and the control precision is ±2%.


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