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What Is The Brewing Process Of 800L Brewery?

Feb. 21, 2019 Share:

Control of the production process of 800L Brewery. Temperature pressure sugar fine. Ensure that the entire process is controlled correctly. The requirements for the accessories on the fermenter are high, so I won't go into details for the time being.

CIP cleaning system before making wine is more important. It is not only important to clean the system, but also the control of hygiene in the process of personal preparation. Inoculation of yeast, oxygenation, wine reception, etc. When some processes require you to control the sanitary conditions, we should master the dry time when we are drinking hops. The second is to pay attention to hygiene. The time and process are not much, mainly because of the dry fermentation in the main fermentation process in Three Vessels Brewhouse. Otherwise, The cans are wasted.

In fact, this is under the condition of equipment, in the control system and the ice water system coordination and failure rate control situation, the so-called control is the choice of the components, the stability is better.

800L Brewery

800L Brewery

800L Brewery

800L Brewery


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