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Method Of Carefully Maintaining 5BBL Beer Brewing Equipment

Dec. 21, 2018 Share:

1. It is strictly forbidden to use Cl-containing detergent or cleaning agent for the cleaning of 5BBL Beer Brewing Equipment.

2. Self-brewed beer equipment is not used for a long time. Please clean the equipment before decommissioning. After the water is clean, close the valves. In addition, please clean the equipment and wash it several times before using it again after it has been used for a long time.

3.5BBL Pilot Brewery System should regularly check the wiring and grounding of each motor and pump to ensure correct wiring. Check the oil level of the geared motor and hydraulic unit. The mixing motor should be regularly added with lubricating oil according to the instructions. Regularly check whether the connecting parts of the mixing and the cultivating knife are tight. The pumps used shall not be idling or reversed. If the pump is leaky, the pump shall be replaced in time.

4. Always check the presence or absence of foreign matter impurities in the hopper of the pulverizer, check whether the fasteners on the pulverizer are loose, the tightness of the drive belt of the pulverizer and the reliability of each safety protection device. Clean the grinder roller regularly.

5. It is necessary to check whether the pressure gauges and safety valves of the steam heating equipment are normal and ensure that the steam traps are unblocked; if the liquid level is not specified, remember not to turn on the heating! When the equipment is running, steam, wort and other high-temperature pipelines and saccharification A warning sign should be hung on the top of the device to prevent burns.

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