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5BBL Brewhouse Makes Life More Colorful

Mar. 18, 2019 Share:

The 5BBL Brewhouse is based on traditional brewing and innovative raw materials and fermentation processes, without adding any additives during the brewing process. The basic raw materials for brewed beer are malt, hops, yeast and water. The water quality varies from region to region, and the types of malt, hops, and yeast are not the same. In addition, various kinds of melons, fruits, and vegetables added during the brewing process will eventually produce self-brewed beers with different colors and ever-changing tastes.

According to the fermentation mode of the 5BBL Beer Brewing Equipment, the brewed beer can be divided into two categories, one of which has a short fermentation time, a relatively strong taste, and a full mouthfeel, and a variety of ester flavors can be formed during the fermentation process. It has a rich aroma and a complex and varied taste. The unique taste seems to tell the story of the brewing behind the craft beer. The other is the bottom-bottom fermentation, which usually takes a long time to ferment, and the aroma and taste can cover almost all kinds of tastes. The sour, sweet, bitter, salty and fresh can be tasted in the brewed beer, and the taste and aftertaste are also Ever-changing.

Self-brewed beer is a world-famous drink with a lot of possibilities. Good self-brewed beer can feel the delicate changes of the tail rhyme, and the intensity and length of the aftertaste is a bonus for a beer. The powerful beer occupies the taste of your mouth, impacts your taste buds, strengthens your memory, and fills your mouth Fragrant.

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