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Brewing Beer To Reduce Foam!

Nov. 07, 2018 Share:

Beer is a low-alcoholic wine containing carbon dioxide, which is brewed by yeast fermentation with barley malt, hops and water as the main raw materials. But drinking beer has a big problem, that is, the beer foam is always down and not playing.

When the beer is opened, a large amount of carbon dioxide bubbles are poured out of the bottle mouth and occasionally come into contact with it.

This phenomenon occurs because beer, the main raw material of barley, is infected when brewed in 500L Beer Brewing Equipment.

However, these fungi attached to the surface of barley are rich in hydrophobin on the surface, and these hydrophobins adsorb carbon dioxide generated during fermentation in the brewing process of the brewed beer equipment.

When the beer contains too much carbon dioxide, a large amount of foam will flow out when the bottle is opened.

Mini Micro Brewery Equipment Factory in order to cope with this phenomenon when brewing with self-brewed beer equipment, hop extract is added as a defoaming agent.

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