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Main Factors Affecting The Content Of Higher Alcohol In Beer

Nov. 19, 2018 Share:

Beer made by 300L Mini Brewery is a kind of carbon dioxide-containing and low-alcoholic beverage wine made from malt as the main raw material, adding hops and fermented by yeast. The higher alcohols, aldehydes, diacetyls, organic acids, esters and sulfur compounds in beer all have an important influence on the flavor of beer. These fermentation by-products together with alcohol and carbon dioxide constitute the body of beer and form The unique flavor of beer.

Yeast: In order to reduce the increase of higher by-products of metabolic by-products, it is meaningful to appropriately limit the maximum concentration of yeast in the 300L Brewery Equipment, and the control multiplication ratio is less than 4 (preferably less than 3).

Effect of w/α-amino nitrogen: When the wort lacks the assimilable α-amino nitrogen, it leads to the formation of higher alcohols from the keto acid. When the α-amino nitrogen in the wort is too high, it also causes an increase in the higher alcohol formed by the amino group deamination (not more than 220 ppm).

The effect of the main fermentation temperature: increasing the fermentation temperature will inevitably promote the yeast reproduction, and correspondingly increase the production of higher alcohol. Whether the temperature of the fermenter is reasonably uniform is one of the main problems affecting the high alcohol level of beer.

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