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Why Is The Beer Bottle Green?

Jan. 14, 2019 Share:

I wonder if you have noticed that most of the beer bottles used for 2BBL Nano Brewery we have seen are green, although there are also brown, blue and even colorless, but most of them are green bottles. So why is the beer bottle green?

Although the history of beer is very long, the time to put beer in glass bottles is not too long, starting from the mid-19th century.

Initially, people even thought that glass was green. At that time, not only beer bottles, ink bottles, paste bottles, and even window glass were slightly green. This is because when the process of initially manufacturing the glass is not very delicate, it is difficult to remove impurity ions such as ferrous ions in the raw material, so that the produced glass is green.

Later, the glass manufacturing process was advanced, and these impurities could be removed, but the cost was too high, and it was not worth the effort to use the glass as a non-precision instrument. Moreover, it was found that the green bottle for 500L Brewery Equipment can delay the beer to taste, so the people produced green in the late 19th century. The glass bottle was used to carry beer, and the tradition of green beer bottles was preserved. Later, people will add ferrous oxide and chromium oxide to the glass as a coloring agent to make it look greener.

Recapture Jiangshan from the brown bottle

In the 1930s, people accidentally discovered that the beer contained in the brown bottle did not deteriorate after a long time. This is because brown bottles of beer can avoid the effects of light on beer. Later, the beer in the brown bottle was added.

However, after World War II, European brown bottles were in short supply, and some of the more famous beer brands had to re-use green bottles to load beer. Because of the good quality of these brands of beer, green beer has become synonymous with high-quality beer. Then many beer manufacturers followed suit and used green bottles. The green bottle has revived.

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