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The Significance Of Cleaning Of 20BBL Brew Equipment

Jan. 21, 2019 Share:

In the production process of 20BBL Brew Equipment, the sanitary management of equipment is a relatively important link. When the beer is contaminated, it will cause the beer to have a bad taste. In severe cases, the beer will become sour and deteriorate, resulting in economic losses. In order to ensure a good production environment, cleaning and sterilization of small beer equipment is indispensable. The CIP cleaning system is a commonly used cleaning and sterilizing device that is simple to operate, cleans and sterilizes.

Purpose and effect of cleaning 200L Brewery Equipment:

Remove organic and inorganic substances such as yeast, protein coagulum, hop resin, oxalate, tartrate, carbonate, etc. on the tank wall, pipeline, and prevent non-biological contamination in beer production; the purpose and function of sterilization is to use suitable Bactericides can kill microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi, and prevent biological pollution in beer production.

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