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Four Elements To Be Grasped In Brewed Beer

Sep. 29, 2018 Share:

1, steady

Mainly refers to the relatively stable brewing process conditions, including various ratios of ingredients, the main pool conditions in 300L Micro Beer Brewery, such as starch into the pool, water into the pool, acidity into the pool, temperature into the pool and other indicators, can not be high and low, suddenly big and small.


The first point of quasi-quantity is accurate ingredients. The key control point of quality is the ratio of grain to grain. It cannot be estimated or approximated. The relevant containers such as bottom shovel and water should be accurately measured or weighed at least once. Changes in acid, starch, sugar, alcohol, etc. should be diligent in analysis and observation, learn to use laboratory data to guide production, and strengthen work responsibility.

3, fine

Mainly refers to meticulous operation, including raw materials, suitable crushing of koji, batching operation, rice field operation, decoration distillation operation, fermentation operation and management of 200L Brewery Equipment, etc., must be fine, can not be shoddy, can not grab time, rush off work.

4, the net

Brewing operations should pay attention to civilized production, clean and hygienic, including the original and auxiliary materials to be cleaned, clean, steamed and miscellaneous, and must not use mildew, hot agglomerated raw materials; curved room, rice field, brewing equipment, utensils, fermentation Containers, wine storage containers, etc. should be cleaned, cleaned, and sterilized if necessary. Where the sewage is full of land, the distiller's grains are full, and the bottom pot water is not cleaned for a long time, etc.

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