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How To Control The Content Of Lipids In 200L Brewery Equipment?

Dec. 07, 2018 Share:

(1) Yeast species and amount added in 200L Brewery Equipment. The formation of esters is related to the genetic properties of yeast. Fermentation metabolites of yeasts with different fermentative powers are quite different. The metabolic process of yeast with strong vitality and healthy body is beneficial to the synthesis of acyl-CoA, which is beneficial to the formation of esters.

(2) Wort composition and concentration in Nano Brewing Equipment. The carbon/nitrogen ratio in the wort should be controlled at an appropriate level. If only increasing the carbon content or reducing the nitrogen content, it will inhibit the synthesis of certain respiratory enzymes, resulting in a decrease in the trihaloate cycle, thereby inhibiting the formation of esters. The fatty acid content in the wort should be controlled at an appropriate level. When the fatty acid content is low, the yeast consumes a large amount of acetyl-CoA to synthesize fatty acids, thereby reducing the formation of esters.

(3) Fermentation temperature and method. High temperature fermentation is beneficial to the formation of esters. When the fermentation temperature was increased from 12.5 ° C to 25 ° C, the concentration of ethyl acetate increased by 60%, and isoamyl acetate increased by 30%. The temperature of the above fermentation is higher than the fermentation temperature below, and the inoculum is lower than the fermentation below, but the ester content is higher than the fermentation below.

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