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What Brewing Materials Are Needed For 15BBL Brewing System?

Mar. 21, 2019 Share:

The 15BBL Brewing System does not add any additives during the production process, brewing a truly authentic, green and healthy beer. Self-brewed beer can not compete with ordinary bottled beer in terms of taste and nutrition. What is more important is that the self-brewed beer equipment is a unique process of brewing, non-filtering and high temperature treatment without a microbial infection system. Really combined with brewing.

With the cooperation of computer and testing equipment, the 200L Brewery Equipment can choose different brewing control schemes according to different needs, realize the precise adjustment of parameters such as temperature and pressure in the production process, and ensure the demand of the brewing beer for the production process.

Hops are indispensable ingredients for the brewing of brewed beer equipment. The hops make the beer more refreshing and delicious, which can effectively extend the shelf life of the beer, increase the bitterness and aroma of the beer, and optimize the formation of beer foam. Usually, the bigger the hop, the faster the dispersal, the higher the alcohol, and the smaller the hop, the slower the dissipating, the lower the alcohol. However, due to the different alcohol concentrations, the tension of the surface of the wine is different, so the size and retention time of the hops formed by shaking the bottle are different.

Malt is a hard grain that matures faster than other grains and is often chosen as the main ingredient in brewing beer. Barley is required to convert the insoluble, poorly soluble minerals into soluble sugars used in the brewing process by the malting process. In addition to general malt, crystalline malt or roasted malt can be used as a brewing type of brewed beer equipment.

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