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Why Do You Need To Oxygenate Your Wort?

Dec. 28, 2018 Share:

Yeasts need substances such as amino acids and sugars to sustain life. Different types of yeast require different nutrient compositions, so the types of yeast brewed by 1500l Brewery Equipment are different. For brewer's yeast, if the wort comes from malt, the wort contains more nutrients.

However, if the wort is partially derived from adjunts (unmalted grains) or pure sugar, the wort may lack nutrients such as essential amino acids. At the same time, in order to maintain the aerobic respiration of the yeast during the waiting phase and the growth phase, the amount of oxygen is also required in the wort. Because the oxygen in the wort is driven out during the cooking process, we usually need to oxygenate the wort before fermentation.

Remember to confirm that the wort has cooled when filling with oxygen. There are different ways to replenish oxygen to the cooled malt during home brewing. The simple method is to deliberately splash some water flowers when transferring the malt, and constantly shake the fermenter during the transfer process. Because there are more bacteria in the air that we can't see, if you use these steps, I suggest that you use alcohol cotton to gently block the fermenter mouth to ensure that the air entering the fermenter is as sterile as possible.

The Beer Conditioning Tank Manufacturer tells you that there is a more convenient way to buy a pump that inflates the fish tank. Connect to a filter that contains alcohol. In this way, the air pumped into the wort can ensure sterility.

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