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What Are The Storage Methods For Brewed Beer?

Mar. 22, 2019 Share:

Beer from 10BBL Brewing Equipment is sensitive to light, do not expose to the sun or violent shocks, in case the yeast in the beer is heated, turbid and precipitated; oil is the enemy of beer, beer should be kept clean, do not stain the oil, because the oil can make the hop too fast disappear.

First, when carrying beer, it should be handled gently, not thrown, and should avoid impact and extrusion.

2. Beer from 10BBL Brewery Equipment shall not be mixed, mixed and mixed with toxic, harmful, corrosive, volatile or odorous materials.

3. Beer should be transported and stored at 5 °C ~ 25 °C; below or above this temperature range, take appropriate anti-freeze or heat-proof measures.

4. Beer should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse; it should not be stacked in the open air, and should be protected from the sun and rain; it should not be in direct contact with the wet ground.

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