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An introduction of 100L brewery equipment

Jul. 02, 2018 Share:

Our 100L brewery equipment has been exported to all of the world, such as USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Costa Rica, Chile, France, Belgium, UK, Singapore, Korea, Australia etc. So we are confident to meet your needs. Now, please follow me to see more details about our beer brewery equipment.

The 100L brewery equipment is widely used in pub, laboratory, home. The configuration is flexible depending on different working efficiency:

1. Brewhouse combination is flexible according to your needs and daily work shift. In general, there is just one main tank, mash,lauter, kettle and whirlpool function all in this tun, heating is electric.

2. Fermenter quantity will depend on beer daily output and beer fermentation cycle.

3. Cooling system including glycol water tank, pump and chiller. The big cooling capacity used in heat exchanger, for cooling wort. Control system we have 2 type, PLC control and Digital control system.

If you want know more, contract Yuesheng, a professional beer brewhouse system manufacturer.

An introduction of 100L brewery equipment


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