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What Is The Brewing Process Of 100L Brewery Equipment A?

Feb. 18, 2019 Share:

There is a stable 100L Brewery Equipment, the operation can be simple or complicated, but the equipment is stable, the temperature control is stable, the time control is fine, the equipment pressure is good, etc. The human factors minimize the intervention of the products and standardize the traditional beer process. Make the characteristics of beer such as IPA.

The equipment starts from the smashing. For the Nano Brewing Equipment Manufacturer, the smashing is a system, which is divided into dry smashing and wet smashing. The main process is from the raw material warehouse to the silo, and then the air is sent after pulverization. .

It is transported to the saccharification system to start saccharification. The saccharification process is divided into one saccharification and two-stage saccharification. The temperature time control requirements are relatively high. The ordinary brewery is mashed, and the brewed beer is mashed.

Because we essentially want to prevent the addition of excipient rice corn syrup, etc., we remove the gelatinization pot. If it is continuously produced, the saccharification part needs to increase the hot water tank, which can save energy and help the washing process of the saccharification process.

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