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5 Effects Of Beer

Oct. 09, 2018 Share:

Promote sleep

Some studies have shown that hops contain hopsin, which has a calming effect, and this ingredient also has antidepressant effects.


If hops can have an impact on the kidneys, there is no scientific basis for drinking beer from 100L Brewery Equipment, so that the fluid intake in the body can also promote the operation of the kidneys.

3. Promote cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health

In fact, all alcohols contained in alcoholic beverages reduce cholesterol levels in the body. It is also effective in reducing the prevalence of diseases such as type 2 diabetes that cause obesity.

4. Promote bone development

Beer has a good promoting effect on bone development. Beer is rich in silicon and phytoestrogens, which promote bone tissue growth and prevent certain diseases such as osteoporosis.

5. Anti-ulcer

A 2003 study in Germany showed that beer from 200L Brewery Equipment can inhibit bacterial growth in the body and thus prevent stomach ulcers.

However, doctors also warn consumers that because beer is also a cause of certain diseases, excessive drinking increases the prevalence of other diseases. Therefore, as an alcoholic beverage, consumers should still consume moderately

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