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We export the 1000L Microbrewery equipment to USA

Jun. 01, 2018 Share:

As we all know, US craft brewery market is the biggest market and the fastest growing area in the world because of American people’s original open and the follow up to freedom.

During building this US 1000L brewery equipment, we learned a lot of knowledge about craft brewing. It lays the first stone for our further discovery in craft brewing system. Almost all the improvement has been the common standard from then on. Thanks for internet, we always follow their share across the pacific.

Numerous lines of text we discussed by email! Understanding each other is very important for a international cooperation, specially for craft beer. It is Collision of ideas and innovation between a brew master and a beer equipment manufacturer. We finally worked out who want this 1000liter brewery equipment in US. Then quickly we contracted and started the production. This place was where we were starting a brewery business.

If you are interested in our 1000L brewing system, please don't hesitate to contact us!

We export the 1000L Microbrewery equipment to USA


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