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  • 10BBL-100BBL Fermenter/Unitank
Product name:

10BBL-100BBL Fermenter/Unitank


Product parameters

Sanitary Stainless steel 304, effective capacity: 10BBL~100BBL, 25% top head,.

dome top head;

Mirror inside polishing, Surface brushed, welding line polish sanding light belt;

thickness 2mm;

Two stage glycol cooling jacket, cooling jacket thickness is 1.5mm;

side manhole, With rotary CIP arm;

temperature sensor on bottom cone side cylinder slightly top position,

Sample valve in the cylinder, carbonation port on cylinder and one miscellaneous port,

lifting lug, racking arm,

Mechanical pressure valve; Pressure gauge;

Glycol solenoid valves, with screw assembly to adjust leg height;

Complete with associated valves and fittings.


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