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Product name:

10BBL Brewery Equipment


Product parameters

Features: 2, 3 and 4 vessel Brewhouse Systems,such as mash/lauter,kettle whirlpool,hot water

Tank heating: gas heating with gas burner, Electric heating, Steam heating with steam bolier

Top Manways :s tainless steel or glass material ; sight light or sight glass

Grist Hydrator

Heat Exchanger: two stage cooling

Fermenters with top hop additional port or not 

Dimple jacket is installed on both cylinder and cone part of the equipment

Yeast tank

Bright beer tanks with cabonation stone or not

Glycol tank 

Chiller: suitable for your cooling square.

CIP cleaning system:50L or 100L

DCS control system or PLC control with simens touch screen

Pumps: wort pump,hot water pump,Glycol Pump,CIP pump


Brewhouse System


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